Dare 2 Do If You Dare - Community In Unity

The Problem

The problem is our failure to take responsibility for our nation's most viable asset: Our Children by trying to protect what little innocence they have left by giving them a reason to know what it is to be a kid as well as ensure for some cherished childhood memories.

Plan of Action

I have designed flyers to raise community awareness, taken donations used to provide costumes for disadvantaged children/candy to give to those families that would like to hand out treats but cannot afford to buy candy, etc. I started earlier this year campaigning in hopes to reach a greater demographic. I am in the process of contacting our local news media to request a public service annoucement be made to which I am confident I will receive their support based on giving my story in 2005 to be aired on television to KSEE 24 I was asked to email my story so that they could bring it up for review because they too thought it was a great idea. Unfortunately, after many failed attempts to send directly to the KSEE 24 news desk I had a personal family matter that prevented me from sending it via fax. I plan to go into elementary, junior/high schools to ask to speak with the children regarding getting their full cooperation and support. I plan to also go into to law enforcement office(s) to brief them of my intentions/formatted plan of execution. I was asked by a dear friend who is also in law enforcement to give her some of my flyers and/or volunteer signup cards to take to work. :)

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