Dare to Cut Your Hair

The Problem

I am in an organization called FCCLA(Family Career and Community Leaders of America). In this organization we do a lot of community service projects. After both my aunt and grandpa had been diagnosed with cancer I decided that I was going to donate my hair to Locks of Love. This gave me the idea of doing a project in our community where we would encourage others to donate their hair to Locks of Love. I talked to a local hair salon and asked if they would be willing to cut hair free of charge, one night after school, so that all of the money could be donated to Locks of Love. They agreed to cut hair on February 5th 2007, so I began advertising. I started advertising in September for the Dare to Cut Your Hair with FCCLA and Locks of Love project.I decided to have a contest between the six schools in our school district to see who could get the most people to donate their hair. I asked all of the principal if they would agree to be a part of the contest and if they would keep a sign up sheet in the school office. All of the principals agreed and were very excited about the project. I also advertised in three different local newspapers including; The Dearborn County Register, The Journal, and The Bright Beacon. A total of six articles were published. I also advertised in school newsletters, school announcements, posters around school, and signs in local businesses,and flyers on local Snappy Tomato Pizza boxes. Not only were we getting a lot of sign ups for participants but we were also getting a lot of already cut pony tails. I also purchased snacks and refreshments to serve at Kelly's Hair Salon on February 5ht. When the day finally arrived five hairstylists cut hair for three and a half hours straight and we ended up collecting 62 ponytails and $420 to donate to Locks of Love. After collecting the ponytails I packaged them and mailed them to the Locks of Love Organization.

Plan of Action

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