Dating violence prevention and the community

The Problem

When someone wants to help they seek for a cause. My cause has been domestic violence prevention. A novel, a website, conferences and one on one contact with the community. In Puerto Rico there's not to much of a volunteering culture. We are known more for monetary help (fundrasing) that actually working in the cause. That is why I created MVTPR based on my experiences as a volunteer on dating violence prevention. At 14 I went through a violent relationship and felt alone. I volunteered in a newspaper and had to write something about it and that's how I learned about my own situation. At 17 I finished a book and published it ay 19 becoming PR youngest novelist, I did a website and I have given more than 50 conferences. In May participated on the International Book Fest in Dominican Republic and gave 12 conferences, was recognized by the House of Representatives. But there's not enough resources, especially human resources. I've had 3 open heart operations and I'm now 21 years old but I feel we need to create and impact on others and delegate. New paths can be made. Now I'm applying for a MA to specialize on the effect that the news have on people, especially on why they do not engage in causes like before (I'm in journalism). I started MVTPR in order to publish students that wanted to help (and it could help them building resume) and I help match them with there skills to a non-profit or an activity of the community. I have had the chance of doing some things for my country and the world you can see who visits the page more than 25,000 visits all over the world, but if we don't give people (or if we don't tell people) that they can affect the world possitevely, they will not aknowledge their power. I wish lot's of people join, because if it's hard to make people be engaged, it's harder to want to be engaged volunteer and not have the proper help, recognition or resources to do something and do something more.

Plan of Action

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