David Walker Scholars Program (DWSP)

The Problem

DWSP serves middle school boys in under-resourced communities. We see that the boys we serve experience a lack of positive role models, frequent neighborhood violence, and limited community support. In this context, they are less likely to value education as an important source of empowerment.

Plan of Action

This year, DWSP is located at the George A. Lewis School in Roxbury. This school is in our target community and we expect to help many of the boys that attend it. Our program has recruited many committed mentors for this upcoming year. We have nearly completed our curriculum of discussions and activities and are attempting to incorporate different types of learning tools (i.e. discussion, music, writing, art, movies). DWSP has a good relationship with the staff at the Lewis School so we will be supported with pertinent information that will help us help each specific boy in the program. In past years, the program has shown many signs of success and we aim to effect a large change in the lives of the boys we serve this year.

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