Death in Uganda: An urgent appeal

The Problem

I am writing today with a very urgent and very desperate appeal on behalf of the people of Karamojong who are displaced in Kampala, Uganda. The Karamajongs are nomadic pastoralists who have been driven from their lands are are now forced to live in the slums of Uganda. Their only source of income now is to send their children on the streets to beg for food. We drive through Kampala and there are literally hundreds of children, some barely a few months old sitting in the streets begging. When we went to the slums where the Kalamajongs live, we were even more shocked and appalled. There was an outbreak of cholera, malaria, and other infectious diseases. Children were laying in their own human excrement - none of them had seen a doctor. Most people were eating maize and other food items that had been picked off the streets. The death rate in the slum is high, with children dying from hunger and in many cases their bodies simply being left unburied. We visited the camp on Monday and I committed to sending 40 of the sickest children to the hospital on Wednesday (after camp leaders could prepare a list). By Tuesday, a baby who was less than a year had succumbed to disease. The cost of sending the child to hospital would have been around $40. The conditions are a state of humanitarian catastrophe yet, NOT ONE other organization have come to the aid of the Karamojongs even as they suffer and die. Youth Action International is highlighting the situation as a humanitarian emergency. We've already sent 150 children to hospitals and need your help to continue to do more. You can check out our video on the Uganda situation online at: can also check out a 1 min promo video about our organization online at:

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