Developing Children's future

The Problem

In my project, i have been trying to develop leadership in children by conducting them into the religious education. My control group is going to be some children of the members of the spanish youth group of St. John of God Parish. This kids are between 5 and 12 years old. In this project, my purpose is to develop their behaviors as they were growing in the community of St. John of God. I'm a volunteer in taking care of these kids and i started to feel a lot of closeness to them, and i feel that they have the potential needed to make a better community and to make the qoute "kids are the leaders of the future" a true statement. Accross this project, I noticed a big difference in this children, they get more and more involved on the task that i assigned to them. We had made a lot of events in which they demostrated their effort and the improvement of personalities that they had aquired. Thanks to this activities, they had also a good friendship between them, they started sharing experiences and helping each other accross the time. I was also involved in the development of this kids. Along with three partner and one leader, we had taugh the kids how to stand for what they want, what they must know about the church and how to live a christian life. Along the way, i discovered that i was learning from hem too, and i leaned how to treat people (especially kids) in different situations. I became a friend for them, as them becom friend for me. it was a really good project and even this is finish, i keep contact with these children and keep taking care of them.

Plan of Action

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