Diabetes Support Group

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The Problem

My High School last year had 24 type I diabetics. 60% of those had a very difficult time coping with the disease until I started group. At first it was just me, and four others. Within a month that grew to 10 members, and shortly thereafter, 19 of the 24 diabetics at my school participated in it. Diabetes is a disease that is caused by the hormone called insulin stops working properly. Many assume that diabetes is genetic, however, more and more people, who have not had a relative diagnosed with the disease, are becoming type I diabetic. The difference between type I and type II diabetes is mainly whether or not you treat it with insulin injections, or pills. There are 1 million new cases a year in America. Majority deign they have the disease, and do not take care of themselves properly. Diabetes if left untreated will destroy kidneys, heart muscle, and the liver, and also cause blindness, and reason to amputate a limb. Wouldn't be beneficial to set up a safe environment where people can talk to each other about their problems? Please help us by starting your own group.

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