DIAGNOSIS: Faces Behind Cases

The Problem

My name is Ivey Schleisman and I am a young artist attempting to emerge into the professional art world. I am determined to make a social impact regarding cancer awareness that will hopefully inspire communities by representing the nuclear family and the effects of battling cancer on the individual.

Plan of Action

I have titled this series “Diagnoses: Faces Behind Cases” because it exemplifies the message. As mentioned the inspiration and meaning of the series is cancer awareness. I couldn’t think of a better way to make people more aware of cancer than simply showing it for what it is. Malignant cells. Florescent micrographs of cancer cells are what initially captured my interest. All of the paintings in this series feature a specific cancer in the form of an anatomical rendering of cancer cells. I have also incorporated portraits of people who have fought or survived cancer. Using invisible UV reactive paint and black lights the figures emerge over the cancer cells and drain the distinction of the disease. All people fade away eventually. However, those who face to overcome their challenges become heroes who should always be remembered. I have developed and aligned my artistic perspective with the anthropological research and philosophical ideas regarding art held by Ellen Dissanayake.Dissanayake promotes the idea that art acknowledges what is important in people’s lives. One example is control over nature. My interpretation of this idea is mankind’s will to discover a cure for a disease that permeates every society on our planet. Another idea is that art affirms manual competence. My own art relates to this because I have personally been influenced by the outstanding character, integrity, and professionalism of medical specialists who work relentlessly to serve those in need of cancer treatment.

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