Diamond Mentoring Organization

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The Problem

Well Diamond's is a mentoring an organization a group of friends started my junior year. This organization is designed for the underclassed females, who attend our school and is making a transition from middle school to high school. We help promote self respect and respect to other, we also help improver the school climate through self discipline.

Plan of Action

First, We had to find a group of young ladies, who were focused in school. Ladies who would make great leaders. Secondly, We took workshops on the basic guidelines of being a effectivie mentor Thirdly, Was pairing up with a list mentee's provided for us.Young Ladies who had had behavorial issues,and finding a mentee who we beleived we could make a impact on. Fourthly, Getting to know the mentee and forming a relationship, helping to guide them to better and helping solve their problrms within, outside the school.

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