Disaster Relief Club

The Problem

After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2004 myself, along with two fellow students, created the Disaster Relief Club at our high school to help generate aid to be sent for the relief effort. We held club meetings after school to propose various ways to raise money to be sent to the areas affected by the hurricanes. We developed the idea to hold a "battle of the bands" of sorts at our high school to help raise money and awareness. We asked local rock bands and musical acts to play in our school auditorium for a night of music and fun. We also went around our community and asked for local sponsorships to help fund the concert. The concert went well, and helped to spark interest in other students interested in helping with the club's efforts. The next year i was voted as treasurer of the Club. We then planned another benefit concert, this time sending all proceeds to the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. The concert went very well, raising over sixteen hundred dollars to be split evenly between the two charities. Towards the end of the school year we also planned and carried out a school wide locker clean out. Each student in our high school was informed to take all reusable school supplies to one of our club members, where we then sorted, cleaned and packaged all the used school supplies to be sent to schools overseas in Iraq. This year we set our sights higher than ever. I was voted as co-president of the club at the beginning of the school year and am now in charge of nearly thirty members; the most in our clubs history. We held our third annual Disaster Relief Concert on November 16th. The concert this year benefited only the local chapter of the Red Cross to help aide in many of the unseen yet equally as tragic disasters that occur around our own community. We rose over $1200 that night alone and are still expecting more local contributions before we cut the check. We also have plans to hold an all days sports competition for our high school sports teams to benefit the local chapter of Habitat For Humanity later this school year.

Plan of Action

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