Discover Worlds

The Problem

Discover Worlds is an entirely student-run 501c3 non-profit organization. We work to inspire and then enable students to end poverty with high-impact projects as social entrepreneurs. We focus on educating students about poverty and showing them how students around the world have created projects that identify and work to solve a problem. We then help them create business plans and take steps toward building their own project, working with poverty either locally or internationally. For example we have inner city youth in the U.S. work to end issues such as violence by speaking with students younger than them. An international example is our chapter in Rwanda which works to end poverty in Rwanda by improving the Rwandan school system. They created a sister-school program where schools are matched between the U.S. and Rwanda, which works to break down cultural stereotypes and schools in the U.S. are able to fundraise for resources the school in Rwanda needs. Discover Worlds projects have ranged from setting up programs to sponsor orphans in Rwanda to creating programs to empower students with HIV in Minnesota. Discover Worlds is really made of students across the United States, Rwanda, India, Malaysia, (and soon Nigeria) that really want to make a difference on the issues they care about most!

Plan of Action

We are working to train students to be speakers that spread the messages and ideals of Discover Worlds. Additionally we are branching into educational DVDs that can be implemented in classrooms across the United States and internationally. In many developing countries, the notion of students ending poverty is unheard of and we wish to connect with as many students as possible.

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