Diverse City

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The Problem

Diverse City is a youth center that is located in Elizabethtown's Towne Mall. We provide a safe place for all students to hang out, play video games, be assisted in homework or difficult school subjects, and have adults who are available to listen and support them. This is provided to the students at no cost. There is also an area set aside for students to come and participate in music or art lessons. Diverse City is the only organization of its kind in Elizabethtown. It provides an alternative for students who might otherwise find themselves getting into trouble. While providing opportunities to have fun we also look for opportunities to support these students in whatever issues they are facing. The main beneficiaries of Diverse City are the 75-100 students that come through daily. We have also had many parents express their appreciation for Diverse City being a place where they can trust their children will be positively influenced.

Plan of Action

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