Official Project

The Problem

Most girls in my community have dropped out of school. they later idle in their homes for lack of something to do which makes them start loitering up and down in the community. in the process they end up engaging in premarital sex which leads to unwanted pregnancies, some of them end up engaging in drug abuse which also leads to even contracting sexually transmitted infections.

Plan of Action

after dropping out of school my self for lack of school fees, I was fortunate that a friend of my mum happened to own a knitting machine and taught me how to knit. I later was fortunate to acquire a knitting machine and started knitting whose products I sell. Most of my girlfriends started streaming to my home when I am knitting for me to train them. I have trained twelve girls so far and more are streaming in to acquire the knowledge. after sharing the idea in church about the knitting training, there are so many girls who have enrolled to undertake the programme, my problem is that I don have enough knitting machines to handle the huge turn out. My dad has offered to give me a room to use as the class room. if I can get funded to buy a few knitting machines, this project will be quite a success and many girls would find something to do not only to pass time but also to get some income.

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