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Currently, I am involved in helping to collect can goods in neighborhoods throughout my city by organizing the efforts of my classmates, through student council at Stephen T. Badin High School in Hamilton, Ohio. Last year, as a member of student council and as class president, I organized and led the junior class in collecting over 3,300 can goods to be donated to Serve City. Overall, our small school of just over 600 students gave 9,000 canned goods. As a leader, I developed ideas to successfully gather cans by printing flyers and distributing these flyers to the neighborhood homes before collecting. Also, I came up with the idea of money being donated if anyone wanted to so we could further meet our goals by purchasing more canned goods to help the hungry in our city. Calling friends and classmates to donate time to help collect paid off as well. By my careful planning ahead, our school's canned food drive was greatly enhanced by overexceeding the goals that were set. Generous people in our city left the canned goods on their front porches on collection day if they were not home to donate. Money was also shared so our class could purchase more cans. Our class' hard work collecting and organizing was evident. I am excited about the collection this year. Just yesterday, I went out with more flyers to pass out about this year's canned food drive for our area. Next week, my classmates and I will be collecting cans for our local hungry once again. Originally, I thought helping others was a wonderful way to give of myself. I have learned an important lesson: in giving of myself, I am actually the one who ends up receiving. The true lessons of service that I have learned is a gracious gift, which has far exceeded the time and hard work that I have given. This is just one example of the types of service and projects I have done with the help of my classmates. I am also involved in other volunteer groups like Key Club and CarTeens since learning how important the role of helping each other is. Being a part of it, I realize that I am the lucky one!

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