"Do Something Theme Song"

The Problem

Do Something Theme Song! Get people involved thru awareness and inspring them thru music. The main goal is to get kids/adults attached to the catchy song I have written to get up stand up and help.

Plan of Action

I am currently signed on to use the theme song for promotional and within the movie staring Bethany Hamilton/professional surfer called "Soul Surfer" She is an amazing youth role model. She was attacked by a shark and lost her arm - and is using her personal stugles to reach out and inspire/educate kids.

Project Updates

Great quotes! Here's what some people are saying about my song:

"It's catchy, poppy and inspiring"
-Gary Lemel, President, Warner Brothers Music, Inc.

"...Kelly she's a SUPERSTAR!" -Rick Dees, The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 Countdown

"...love Kelly Rose's song. Love the words, she is fantastic"
-Nancy Valeri, Event Services Director, Disney Inc.

"Sounds great. So glad she is moving forward. Give her my best." -Eugene Osment, Manager for Haley Joel and Emily Osment

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