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Official Project

The Problem

K-12 schools in this country do not have enough resources to let children explore their potential and excel.Books, computers, art supplies, musical instruments, science equipment, sports equipment, and even paper for computers and printers are all in desperately short supply.

Plan of Action

Teachers and students are already getting supplies from Now, we need to raise greater awareness and encourage more participation so we can help more kids. Interns will work in small teams focused on such things as: ● marketing to particular audiences, such as businesses, bloggers, press, educators, moms, religious organizations, civic organizations, unions, nonprofits, authors,magazine readers, teens ● celebrity marketing campaigns ● marketing around particular school subjects, such as science, music, art, reading and sports ● marketing around particular promotions ● creating and implementing social media campaigns ● building and managing relationships with strategic partners such as:, and ● building and leading a national network of volunteers ● enhancing the websites ● creating graphics and promotional materials You will take leadership on projects and work with other highly motivated interns, established professionals, and directly with our co-founder.

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