dont critizize people just hear THEM dont FEAR them

Official Project

The Problem

for this project you dont need money i dont need to be givien anything i just want someoen to listen to me my ideas are that we should listen to people you know listen to their problems if you see someone on the street even if you dont know them just smile or say hi if they seem weird dont judge dont be scared because everyone just needs some form of nice gestyor and if you anybody that is on drugs and alchol dont yell or judge talk help maybe they listen i was in all that at some point in my life & all i wanna do now is help people that were in it deep like me so i can let them know your NOT ALONE! if there anybody that can give you help and advice its me even if i dont know you just confide in me give a hand and and youll get one back i believe in people and i have faith that they can change and even though im young i know alot i even helped 25 and 40 year olds in everyday struggles & i hellped me & my older friend just please take my thought into your heart and BELIEVE

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