Dr. Touch Tanks Sea Life Program

The Problem

Dr. Touch Tanksbrings a tide pool into the classroom. Dr. Touch Tanks, a marine life adventurer, introduces the students to various live sea creatures (Seaweed, Kelp, Sea Urchins, Sea Peaches, Sea Cucumbers, Sea Stars, Whelks, Periwinkles, Green Crabs, Baby Lobster, ECT. The students are encouraged to touch and smell the creatures as they learn facts about them. To date, the Dr. Touch Tanks Sea Life Program has given presentations at schools and trade shows throughout Maine from Portland to Perry, Maine (5 Hours East near Canada). For more information please visit: www.touchtanksforkids.org Coverage of Dr. Touch Tanks school trip to the beach http://www.touchtanksforkids.org/media/achieve_01.htm

Plan of Action

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