Dream Corps - Library Project in Rural China

The Problem

Dream Corps (www.DreamCorps.org), is a non-profit NGO with a goal to promote education equity in China through quality resources and sustained participation. The mission of Dream Corps is to improve the learning and developing environment for underprivileged children in China and to foster their dreams, so that their lives are not held hostage to existing economic, educational, and technological divides. Dream Corps works to leverage the potential volunteer forces and social change best practices from the U.S. and other parts of the world to help serve the under served people in China. Its approach is to recruit, train and send university volunteers to work at least three weeks during the summer, to establish a rural library at one of the rural sites in physical and institutional terms. Volunteers work in teams of five in collaboration with hosting sites, where they try to involve local students and residents in the project, as a means of enhancing the sense of participation and capacities of local people. It has identified establishing libraries in rural China with volunteers as a viable approach. Dream Corps summer volunteer program distinguishes itself by its participants, features of direct donation and assistance, organizational features of teamwork, and the combination of participatory volunteer activities with applied research and consulting services. Our project sites includes: Beijing Haidian Guizhou Congjiang Henan Dengzhou Hunan Lingfang Jiangxi Lichuan Sichuan Yibin University Campus Chapters: University of Toronto | www.DreamCorps.ca University of Virginia | www.student.virginia.edu/~dcuva Check more info at: www.DreamCorps.org Video Gallery - YouTube Dream Corps Channel | www.YouTube.com/DreamCorps Photo Gallery - Flickr Dream Corps Collection | www.flickr.com/photos/DreamCorps/collections

Plan of Action

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