DVDs for St. Jude's patients

The Problem

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is located in Memphis, Tennessee and provides treatment to children ages 0-18 who are battling life-threatening diseases. Families with a child at St. Jude's do not have to pay anything for treatment, travel or housing. Everything is provided by the hospital at absolutely no cost. When patients who need to recieve treatment at St. Judes for at least three months or more they stay with their families at Target House- Target Corporation's ongoing donation to St. Judes.

Plan of Action

Although this project is just getting off the ground my initial goal is to collect 1000 DVDs to send to Target House, who will use the movies as birthday gifts and in the library they have for the St. Judes patients. My school's National Honor Society is taking part in this project and collection boxes can be found around the community. For people who live out of the area, we are establishing a facebook group and myspace page where individuals can email us and we will send them an address to send donations.

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