Eagle Scout project to Install Bat Boxes and Combat Disease

The Problem

Currently many people are worried about West Nile and EEE, so having more bats will mean fewer mosquitoes and this should help people’s health directly (lower incidence of West Nile and EEE) and indirectly (less concern about the diseases). Also, by educating people about bats, it will cut down public fears and show them that bats are really friends to humans. In the long term, the project will benefit the community and wildlife because educating children and young people about these issues will make them more inclined to learn more about conservation in general.

Plan of Action

There are four major parts to this project: 1. Buy the bat boxes 2. Build the poles and install the bat boxes 3. Put up the informational signs next to the bat boxes 4. Supply educational information to the elementary school and middle school science teachers.

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