The Problem

The person in my life who played a big role in my successful education is my mother. My mother’s name is Fadumo Ahmed. She was born in Eastern Africa, specifically the city of Mogadishu . My mother was born very early on one of the peaceful Fridays. She was born in the morning when the birds were singing their sweet melodic tunes welcoming their king the sun. She got married to my father and started having kids. My mother played a big role in my successful education, because she took me to school, she taught me the right path to follow, and she worked hard to prepare the tuition for me to go to school. My mother is the person who took me to school. Some students are starving for education. They do not have the right people at the right time to take them to school. My mother worked hard to prepare ways that I could go to school. My mother used to follow me to the bus station, to make sure that I was not left behind by the bus. While I was in school, my mother used to prepare food for me so that I could get energy. She took me to school to learn the different subjects such as English, Math, and Sciences so that I became successful in my school and education. My mother taught me the right path to follow. She taught me differences between the good and bad things. My mother taught me who to become friend with; she told me various ways to distinguish some of the major problems in lives and ways to solve them. She encouraged me to do well in my education. The most important thing is that my mother taught me is that how I could make a friend that could help me and make me become satisfied. One day I met with one of the girls that volunteered at the same place as me. She was telling me that she had a problem with her friend. My co-volunteer said, “When ever I buy something from the store, I don’t keep it for even a day” By that time, I was so flabbergasted about the words I heard from the girl. My response was “Didn’t your family tell you how to make good friends and prevent bad ones?” She said “NO.” with a nervous and unhappy face. I think without my mother, I could not exist in this world or could not achieve my goal. In middle school, my mother was the person who prepared the tuition that I had to pay to go to school. In our culture and tradition, girls were not allowed to be in school. Fathers used to take only boys to school. Girls were left behind to do all the other needs for the family such as cooking, cleaning, and more. With the help of my mother, I got an opportunity to go to school, but my mother was the person who paid for my tuition, books, and my other utilities for my school. My mother was the person who took a big part of my successful graduation. Opportunity is something that goes without saying. I had good support and help from my mother towards seeking my education. My mother took me a good role and part about my successful futur by doing all the important things that I have stated in the previous paragraphs. After my peaceful and successful future, as the sky to be my limit, I will continue the hard work that will lead me to become a better leader and have a better future. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! For the good opportunity that your committee has offered to me as a high school senior.

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