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The Problem

Founded in 2006, American Care and Education for Sudan vision is to generate projects and programs that serve two million residents among 49 million populated country emerged into the civil war due to unbalanced of rights of citizens caused by racial, religious, regional, and resources. The civil war in the Sudan has been routinely characterized as a conflict between Muslims and Christians, Arabs and Africans, or North and South. Religion, ethnicity, and regional issues were the key factors which shaped the two sides in the early days of the conflict, but in the latest bout of fighting which has raged since 1983, the lines are drawn as much along economic lines as ethno- religious ones. Worsening ecological problems in the region, scarcity of resources, and the drought of the 1980s exacerbated the conflict, and has become one of the central issues preventing resolution of it. This country has struggled under the weight of this war for 23 years, with over a million people killed and 4 million refugees displaced. This conflict has many causes and many consequences. Unfortunately, the consequences exacerbate the underlying causes and make settlement even more difficult. The flow of the displaced into the cities continued, though then this flow consists of refugees from the south rather than displaced farmers and nomads. The drought continues and in order to survive, Sudanese farmers continue their harsh treatment of the land and southward progression in search of arable land, a practice that can only make a bad situation much worse. Today the peace of no war is a little achieved but the suffering of people is the presence war of starvation, lack of education, and lack of health needs is still growing worse at large. Upset by the awake of the consequences of civil war in Sudan, the Sudanese Americans and Americans include former lost boys of Sudan established American Care and Education for Sudan to create opportunities for Sudanese live not only in poverty but also lack of education and health access. American Care and Education for Sudan was initially called Weep for Aid Sudan Foundation carried out it activities at Niagara University. It was officially chartered in Iowa, New York, Washington, Kansas, and lately being filed with Nebraska Secretary of the State. The organization was founded by Dominic D. Diing one of the lost boys of Sudan a commerce and education major at Niagara University. While he has dream to help poor people back in Sudan. His vision was welcomed by Dr. Ali M. Abdiwehili and Prof. Agnello Vincent at Niagara University who helped to start the organization. The organization, at its foundation has been supported by the university faculty, staff, and indeed students. From the time of its inception to presence, American Care or Weep for Aid has become outreach multiple projects entity to serve the poor. The Weep for Aid or American Care and Education for Sudan team members offer their time and energy as the opportunity to help educate and provide health and clean water access to children, orphans, girls, women, abandoned people and disables who were victimized black Darfurian Muslims and Arabs in Sudan. This massive and deadly situations came as results of nearly 80 percent of soldiers who decimated the south were Darfurian. American Care and Education for Sudan is a non profit public charity has mixed groups from Christians to Muslims as well as difference nationalities. The ACES/Weep for Aid is expected to have largely growing supporting members and suppliers in near future. As a poverty and lack of Education, Health, and clean water have been affecting people live within rural and urban areas in Aweil State, Southern Sudan, Our mission is very simple, poverty is human abuse and killer, we work to find needs human being can not live without those needs. Nearly two million residents in both rural and urban areas in Aweil state in Southern Sudan have been affecting by lack of those human fundamental needs and wants due to civil war outcomes and poverty existence in Sudan. To play roles in reduction of vulnerable situations, American Care and Education for Sudan generates five projects and programs; Education-Orphan schools, ESL for Adult education, women and girls education Schools Supplies include exercise and text books, writing tools, teaching aides Health- Awareness of widespread diseases such STDS, basic medical provisions Waters-drill wells, water pumps, and other water facilities Teachers training- Nearly 90 percent of teachers teaching have low standard and education level in English Language. At American Care and Education for Sudan, we organize our activities in effective ways of educating public aware about the past and present situations affect children, girls, widows, and disabled people in Southern Sudan. Since the organization was founded, its effectively managed a few goals. We raised $11,000 and more than 856 gifts in schools supplies through public contributions and support as positive accomplishment responses from public support. The American Care and Education for Sudan(ACES will continue generate projects and programs that address existing problems affect orphaned children, widows, abandoned people, and all ages. The ACES/Weep for Aid will commit to its excellence, to reduce poverty, prepare children and young people’s future, provide health access and clean water to impoverished residents with a clear vision and a passion for delivering outstanding results and that is education and health access to all people in Southern Sudan. This is a total health living environment outcomes that will continuously keep their future bright. Our programs will promote health awareness in the areas where health information is very limited through health education. Health projects target youth, girls, and women on how to protect themselves from number killers diseases. Education programs will provide education access to all ages but the first target groups are children, women, and girls. This is because 98% of women and girls have disadvantaged in education. Remember, educated mother raises health children. Education programs will provide schools supplies such as exercises books, text books, writing tools, and train teachers who have disadvantaged in English Language. Overall, not only that our programs will provide education, health, and water services but also provide food, clothing, and shelters to orphaned children and widows. Undoubtedly, ACES is an organization committed to excellence, to reduce poverty and to educate children and young people become futuristic and opportunistic, with a clear vision and a passion for delivering outstanding results. We ask you to work with us to capitalize on our growth and these strengths. Over the next two years the ACES programs and projects will have proven the effectiveness of generating projects. The programs will help to demonstrate that these projects means a lot to impoverished communities such as Aweil in Southern Sudan, our volunteers and staff will bring vital alternative education , health, water facilities, and critically-need training skills for teachers, adult learners , orphaned, widows, peers, and, in so doing, will effect positive change in their own lives. The challenge at this stage is to seize the opportunity, to take the risk, to realize an innovative, new, rewarding and save life for future. With support from foundations grants, the strength of ACES and the projects will continue to serve the lives of all ages in Sudan. The need for effective teachers training, health supplies, water facilities , and education for all ages will be advantage of their lives and future they may become.. The ACES projects are ready to be launched as a generation model from which poor and abandoned people may build a future, create self-sufficiency, and obtain healthy life. In March 2008, Weep for Aid team will begin (1) the foundation orphaned children school(2)Adult Education and teachers training institute and center(3) Clinic to serve these groups. Our team will build learning and health training centers where these services will be provided. There are more than thousands of thousands residents among two million waiting for these services. However, the measurement for our success is to provide their needs and wants. We critically need funds to launch these deeply needed projects, fund the buildings for educating all ages, train teachers, educate adults especially women who have disadvantages in education, youth activities, provide clean water, medicines for treatments, and the resources for community development. These projects and support resources will constructively assist the 557,858 adults without education, 88,475 schools children without teachers,5,000 untrained teachers(100% low standard and level in education-English Language),12,080 orphaned children with no education, and nearly 98% of residents have no access to health needs in Aweil areas in Southern Sudan. The ACES has already raised an initial investment of more than $11,000 in budget mostly contributed by individuals, students, professors, and local communities. We have been working and we will work hard to bridge the gap and be hopeful of receiving grants and donations totaling $985,750 from private sector sources, governments , private donors, community agencies, institutions, individuals and foundations . Despite our general fundraising efforts, our program budget is far from balanced. As a challenge and task to our team, we work hard to achieve this goals, with more expected, especially donations from foundations such as your foundation. With your support, we hope to make wonders for the people of Sudan get education, health access, and clean water. American Care and Education for Sudan and its team aim at providing those needs and wants whose beneficiaries among nearly two million residents in North Bahr El Ghazal region in Southern Sudan. The first ever region that been has been devastated by Darfurians and Arab Muslims in Sudan. The American Care and Education for Sudan team wishes to render service to all people, regarding of ethnicity, creed, color, race or social status. These needs and wants provide shall strictly base on volunteer teaching, giving freely, and easily to everyone with no cost.

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