El Pomar Youth in Community Service

The Problem

El Pomar Youth In Community Service was a non profit organization set up to encourage teens to make an impact on their communities by raising money for local nonprofits.

Plan of Action

This was a long and very rewarding project. In the picture shown, some members of Student Council and I attended a meeting in Colorado Springs that helped us become familiar with the grant giving process. El Pomar was great about making sure we were educated and understood just how important what we were doing was. In some cases, it kept the nonprofits afloat and allowed them to pay their bills and better thier programs. The first steps we took was building a mission statement. We then posted this mission statement on our school's website. Nonprofits were alerted of this possible grant and grant applications starting pouring in. We then had to separate the applications based on our mission statement. Sadly, we couldn't help all of the nonprofits due to the fact their mission didn't match ours. We continued getting educated by El Pomar. As they guided us on how to choose the right nonprofits we narrowed the applications down. Then came the hard part, we had to visit each nonprofit and see how they really worked. From there we chose which nonprofits to donate to. At the end of the grant giving process we attended a banquet. At this banquet each local high school went over how much money was raised and which nonprofits they choose to grant to. I was thrilled when Pueblo West High School won an award recognizing us for our hard work. It was amazing to know that by doing simple things like selling dance and assembly tickets we could make such an impact. To think of how money from your dance ticket could go to help battered women escape the cold amazed me. At that moment I realized the impact of what we were doing. We weren't raising money for our's or our school's benefit, we were actually helping other people. Throughout the state of Colorado El Pomar helps encourage high school students to make an impact, and it helped me realize helping other people is the best feeling in the world.

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