Emerging from Lo Debar, Inc.

The Problem

It was while I cried under the bed because of being frightened by the shots being fired by the gang members and thought of the many lives taken because of carelessness that I knew my project had to be started. I knew that the kids had to endure violence on a regular basis and I knew I had to do anything to take away the violence that hindered their success. I remember reading about Lo Debar in the bible. It was a city of destruction, high poverty and violence rates and realized that Sav-la-mar was just like that. I now decided to start my own nonprofit organization entitled Emerging from Lo Debar”, which helps children from underprivileged countries with substantial violence rates, prevail against the barriers that restricted their future. I went to Hudson Street Early Childhood Center, the school that I attended when I lived in Sav-la-mar, and talked to the principal about my project. That following summer, I traveled to Jamaica, started tutoring the students, and continued my program every summer since then. I worked on their phonics, reading, and math abilities. On certain occasions, we worked from my home in Jamaica so they would feel comfortable. Then, I created my “What’s going on” pen pal system. The kids from Miami in Norland Elementary and Carol City Elementary School would write on monthly topic given by me, like the meaning of a hero, and I would take the letters to the students in Jamaica. Next, I created sponsorship letters and asked Jamaica afflicted businesses in Jamaica and Miami to fund the supplies to rebuild the school. After receiving enough funds, I was able to start rebuilding Hudson Street Early Childhood Center.

Plan of Action

Because I have been blessed with the opportunity to have my own nonprofit organization, I will use it to my advantage. I will apply for federal grants and accept donations that can help me to achieve my future goals of rebuilding Hudson Street Early Childhood Center, which will have a computer lab and cafeteria. In addition, a newspaper will be created so the students in Jamaica and America can discuss topics critical to their neighborhoods. I will employ volunteers to help me maintain my project in Jamaica. In addition, I will branch off to other countries that need help within their educational system, which is deteriorating due to violence like Haiti. Because of the earthquake that has taken place, it is my main goal to help Haiti with its school system by equipping them with anything that they need, despite the donations that I have already made. With my determination, help from my peers, and the communities in all countries, I can step closer to my main goal of global solidarity. I will educate people about the emotional and physical consequences of violence and how we can work together to prevent it from occurring. There will no longer be a language or communication barrier that prevents countries from working together. We will stand together as one world working tirelessly to end violence and many other social issues that are important in life.

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