Empowering Youth for Success (EYS)

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The Problem

Empowering Youth for Success (EYS) seeks grant money to provide hands-on intervention, academic, and job training services for youth ages 8-18 of Smithville, GA so they may succeed in school, turn away from juvenile delinquency, & position themselves to secure gainful employment. The organization was formed to empower youth to take initiative so they may realize their social, economic, & personal potential. Services will be provided for youth of Smithville who would not otherwise have access to such programs. EYS is a 501(c)(3) organization. The grass-roots organization provides community-based intervention & education activities that address the root cause of problems that result in youth falling into the cycle of poverty, crime, & selflessness. In 2005 more than half of the residents of Smithville had a household income of less than $10,000. The percentage of men and women over 25 who had obtained a high school diploma was 40% versus the 3% that were college graduates. Violent crime on a scale from 1 (low crime) to 10, is 5 and property crime is 7. The US average is 3. EYS hopes to address those statistics through a 3-fold service component that will consist of academic tutorial provided in the form of homework assistance after school & during weekend hours; juvenile delinquency intervention designed to reduce youth crime rates, & pre-employment and job skills training to address economic development. If this project is implemented, it will promote long term POSITIVE change because it will serve a large number of youth. These youth will grow up and have a positive influence on the community and youth that follow them.

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