End Hospital Patients Loneliness!!!

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

Did you know 50% of hospital patients and 75% of psychiatric hospital patients will die without a friend? We try to match up people with a one on one friendship with a person in a hospital, medical center, rehab etc. who is lonely and needs a friend! You can be an email or phone buddy!

Plan of Action

Our role in the community is to assist people living with psychiatric and physical disabilities who have lost hope or feel isolated and friendless, by linking them with a "forever friend" network. TAFA reaches out to isolated individuals to help them attain a sense of hope and well-being through the affirmation and recognition of caring others. All you have to do is, email me @ Jennastep426@gmail.com and I can match you up with a buddy! All you need to do is fill out one registry paper I will attach and your set!

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