End Poverty Now

The Problem

End Poverty Now is an organization that is dedicated to the long-term battle against abject poverty. Born out of the international Make Poverty History campaign, End Poverty Now represents a group of dedicated individuals, mainly students, who want to make a difference in the world, working to end abject poverty. End Poverty Now operates upon a tri-pillar base: education and information, lobbying, and grass-roots development initiatives. Our organization works hard to educate every-day citizens about the realities of global poverty. Our website (www.endpovertynow.ca) operates as a portal of information and education about the cause of poverty. The website includes organizational updates, membership opportunities, an electronic copy of our newsletter, and academic, media & other resources from across the world that look to address poverty as a global issue. Further, we are planning to host several educational events throughout the remainder of 2006. Similarly, End Poverty Now strongly supports the Make Poverty History Campaign; this campaign dominates the lobbying aspect of our organization. In the future, we hope to expand our lobbying to other anti-poverty campaigns. Finally, one of the most important aspects of our organization is our grassroots development and redistribution projects. End Poverty Now works with numerous organizations across the world doing grass-roots developmental poverty work. In these direct initiatives, we work closely with numerous organizations across in North America and across the world to raise awareness, support, and finances for these organizations. Through fundraising and publicity, End Poverty Now is able to partner with many NGO’s and organizations that are working in the fight against poverty; our projects provide support and access to funds and resources that many of these organizations would otherwise be unable to receive. Further, as our organization was founded by students, we are dedicated to help foster leadership and provide opportunities for young people who want to join in the fight against poverty. All of our redistribute projects are coupled with an internship that allows an End Poverty Now member to actively engage in grassroots work. Also, our organization offers a scholarship to help assist students in taking initiatives and doing work in poverty-related fields. www.endpovertynow.ca

Plan of Action

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