Engineers Without Borders: Peru Clean-water Project

The Problem

We are trying to provide a community in Pitajaya, Peru with better and easier access to clean water, a crucial aspect of life and health which the members of the community do not currently have. The members of the community themselves expressed to us their need and desire for healthy, clean water, and we will try our best to help them.

Plan of Action

Our team has traveled to Peru to visit the community and examine the situation there. We have discovered a reliable source of clean water in the mountains of Peru, and hope to build a sustainable water system that will bring the clean water of this source to the community. Last summer, part of our team traveled to Peru to plan a perspective route for the water system and measure the elevation at different locations along the way. We are currently working out the layout and design of a system that will transport water from the source to the community as well as the model of the tap stand that the community members will use to access the water. We are planning to return to Peru this August and complete the construction of our water system. Our goal is to have a fully working water system that the community members are completely comfortable with by the end of this summer.

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