EPdemics: Cut through the noise

The Problem

The local music scene was once rich, vibrant, and filled with individuals with passion. Today the idea of local music is slowly dying. Musicians are bound to their geographical barriers. The average Joe has no idea where to find new music, and these bands don't have the tools they need to reach the average Joe.

Plan of Action

A group called EPdemics has come together to bring the local music scene back to life. Through creating an awesome music platform, artists can go upload a profile with basic info, music, and be exposed to a community that is involved in music. Connecting artists not only to fans but venues, record labels, promoters, and many more will be the first step in the right direction. Bringing together all these small music communities can lead to something awesome. Its time to come together, unite , and be apart of this movement to bring the local music scene back to life! Anyone interested in helping our cause or wanting more info feel free to email me at alex.orozco@therubyhouse.com and like us on facebook.com/epdemics

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