Extreme Couponing for Hunger

The Problem

Through a series of couponing lessons to college students completing a service learning project, the students will learn the value of cost savings during times of economic hardship. The students will also understand the impact they can make through these efforts to help others in need within their community. Lastly, through a roundtable discussion with local seniors from an independent living group, the students will explore and gain a more comprehensive understanding of how community members have coped with economic hardship over the past century.

Plan of Action

First, the students will engage in couponing lessons through a local "Extreme Couponing" instructor. Second, each student will be given $5 and 2 weeks to purchase as much as they can for a "needy family." Third, the students will meet up for a "Show and Tell," in which they share their strategies for budget savings, as well as the actual goods that they purchased. Fourth, all items collected will be donated to a local food bank by the service learning coordinator. Fifth, the students will then engage in a round-table discussion with local senior citizens from an independent living group, to discuss ways in which people have coped with economic hardship throughout the ages. Sixth, the students will complete a reflection on their experience, as well as a survey designed to measure the success of the project.

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