Far From Home: A Documentary

The Problem

Empower people to achieve their dreams regardless of their circumstances or what obstacles they face.

Plan of Action

Our plan is to tell the story of a Ugandan immigrant named Brolin Mawejje through a documentary film. He calls Uganda his birthplace and the Wyoming mountains his home. Brolin Mawejje, a current pre-med student in Salt Lake City, struggled through an abusive family life, isolation in an unfamiliar culture, and a lack of social acceptance. As a young boy he was presented with a unique opportunity to live in the United States but his initial move to Massachusetts made him feel like a cat tossed into water, fighting to survive in a strange environment. Fate and good luck eventually led him to snowboarding. The relationships he developed with up and coming athletes nurtured a new perspective on what it means to live in the present and transcend current circumstances. Now with experience in the mountains and in the classroom, he is working hard to reach the Olympic platform and represent Uganda for the first time in the winter games. We will capture this story and share it with a global audience, witnessing Brolin’s incredible journey and hearing the voices of those who helped him succeed. Our vision is to create a film that shows how Brolin was able to overcome the disadvantageous circumstances he was born into. The story will largely be told through interviews by those who have played a significant role in Brolin’s life. We will retrace the steps of Brolin’s journey from the backwoods of Uganda to the mountain towns of the Tetons. This will be a two year endeavor with the end goal of creating a film that is viewed at renowned film festivals across the world. This story deserves to be told on the caliber of which we envision it because it has the power to inspire anyone facing challenges in their own life. The imagery and contrast that this journey contains jumps language barriers and will reach into the hearts of an audience worldwide. By knitting together a patchwork of individuals with different strengths all pertaining to our purpose and mission, our team will collectively contribute to our end goal. We will create a brand and image for Brolin’s film by working closely with a talented graphic designer to establish a look and feel, then work closely with an Advisory Board of experienced film industry professionals and successful entrepreneurs who will mentor us as we shape the documentary and the business of the film. 1. Have all content created for PR campaign by end of February 2013. This includes logo and website for Far From Home, promotional teaser and poster. Begin to establish connections with possible contributors in the Salt Lake area. Amy David will head our public relations team and be in charge of social media. Social media is essential to gaining a following of people interested in the film over the next 18 months as we update people on our progress and the journey to tell Brolin’s story. We will also launch a kickstarter campaign in spring 2013 to raise awareness and access crowd source funding. 2. Shoot Jackson content and interviews over February and March. Continue fundraising and plan to have the full budget met by end of April. Since the beginning of the year, we have prospected and made contact with ideal contributors who would like to see our film become a success. This starts off with friends and family of Brolin who will have a personal connection with the film and want to help him succeed. Next, we will reach out to foundations in the Salt Lake area that specialize in funding documentaries. 3. In April, fly to Boston to shoot Brolin at a medical conference at Harvard College. First of our Boston content. 4. In May, we plan to go back to Africa to film Brolin’s return and highlight the contrast of who he was when he left Africa to who he is now when he goes back. 5. Over the summer, we plan to travel back to Boston to conduct interviews with the players there. The stage of Brolin’s life when he lived in Boston is essential to our film, as Brolin faced immense struggles in social, academic, and home settings as a young teenager new to America. 6. By September, we will release a full trailer for the film. This will mark the beginning of our PR campaign. We will publicly launch our website and begin media publicity of the film. 7. Over the academic year, we will continue with our marketing campaign and begin the post-production process. This includes editing, color correction, music rights, motion graphics, etc. 8. In January, we plan to travel to Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics to film Brolin in the high competition setting where he could be representing Uganda four years later. For the rest of the winter, we will compile more snowboarding footage and finish post-production by May 2014. By retracing the steps of Brolin’s journey to America and the barriers he had to overcome, we will be able to reach out to the people who have played a significant role in his life. These people will shed light on Brolin’s personal struggles and how he was able to overcome the difficulties he faced.

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