The Farnham School Garden

The Problem

We've just brought together our school community to build our new large school garden. This garden is going to be used by our students and teachers to teach science, math and language arts. We also see it as a place for our community to come together for harvest and work days. Our Farnham Home and School Club gave us a $700 grant, and with that we have done so much: parents installed irrigation and built garden beds, the kids filled the garden beds with soil, planted an orchard and helped install the drip irrigation. The garden is almost ready to be used by the teachers and students, but we have a problem, we do not have a shed to store all of the donated tools. Could you please donate $500 towards our garden shed? We have researched the cost of the shed, it will be $2600 installed.

Plan of Action

We are fundraising like crazy and our school members and principal are very supportive! Our school is having a family night out at a nearby restaurant where they will donate 20% of sales towards our garden. We are having a holiday shopping fundraiser at a nearby store. And one family is even doing a craft sale to help raise funds towards the new school shed. We have a big bulletin board at school with all the current garden info., and our Facebook page keeps everyone up to date on the current news and ways that they can help.

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