Feral Kitten Rehibilitation

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The Problem

The is an increasing amount in the feral cat population in neighborhoods all around the world. These cats are usually not vaccinated or sterilized. They eat, sleep and reproduce.

Plan of Action

Recently, I found a group of feral kittens huddled together in my garage. I knew they would continue to reproduce if they were left in the wild, without being sterilized. I captured them using a towel. I brought them in the house and kept them in my bathroom. Every day, I worked with them. Handling, and talking to them. At first, they wouldn't even let me near them, but after the first week, they would let me touch them briefly. After the second week, they liked to be pet, and responded positively to my voice. Then they were able to go to good homes. By capturing and domesticating the kittens, I have helped the kittens have happy lives, and I have prevented those kittens from reproducing and creating more feral cats.

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