Fighting Hunger with Kids Around the World in South Africa

The Problem

Every minute 12 children die from starvation. This needs to change. Kids are going hungry every night and not getting the nutrition they need to support themselves all over the world. Yet in the United States we can barely go without a meal, and couldn't even imagine not eating for a day. Research has also shown that playground activities are essential for children’s proper physical, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive development. Putting recycled playgrounds in third world countries where children wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to play and grow is a way to not only thrill and enrich the lives of children, but change the atmosphere of the community itself.

Plan of Action

I want to support the packaging of meals being packed and sent out to kids around the world. The meals packed with the organization, Kids Around the World, contain all the nutritional requirements undernourished children need for physical and mental development. One food package contains 6 servings. Each package is prepared in less than 20 minutes by adding it to boiling water. One box of these meals contains 36 packages and feeds 216 children. These meals only cost 25 cents. All the meals packed with Kids Around the World are done by volenteers. I want to fund and pack meals, but then go to South Africa to distribute them. The second part is to fund a recycled playground to be put in South Africa. Many playgrounds get replaced in the U.S. after a long period of time. Kids Around the World takes those playgrounds to be repaired so they can be sent out to places where playgrounds are only dreamed of. My goals are to support the construction of a playground and be able to pack and distribute meals to the hungry children of South Africa.

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