Fighting Juvenile Diabetes

Official Project

The Problem

It will be an annual pageant/festival to raise money to give to J.D.R.F(Junvenile Diabetes Research Fund). In the festival will be stations set up to inform people of the risks and the thing it causes like kidney failure. Along with the pageant/festival will be entertainment and guess speakers(Doctors, Teenagers with Diabetes, and parents of those who have Diabetes.) I don't think people realize that Diabetes is a serious thing and I do want to help find a cure because my grandfather has had Diabetes for a long time and its always painful to see him check his blood, and watching the health problems his faced because is somthing I just don't want children and teenagers to have to go through. I can use this grant to help me fund the pageant/festival and the place where it will be help( and the money I raise will go to J.D.R.F) I just would like to get the informantion out there and this would be a GREAT way.

Plan of Action

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