Fighting for our Youth

The Problem

In my little town, teens have been getting themselves involved in drugs, alcohol and fighting on the streets. I am a kid myself and I know what it's like to have struggled with these things. Many turn to fighting as a way to let out their energy and emotions. Mixed Martial Arts has helped me to straighten my life out and become a productive member of society. More and more kids are becoming involved in this and I would like to be able to open a small gym in my town that focuses on the needs of training mixed martial artists. I feel like because this has made such a positive impact on my life that I might also be able to provide that for other teens and young adults in my community. I want to provide a place for them to come let everything out and clear their mind in a safe, productive manner. I believe that everyone matters and they deserve to be treated that way. The gym we are currently training at doesn't meet the space or safety needs we would need in order to train safely and effectively. This means a lot to me personally and I know it will make a positive impact on my community and the kids in it. Thank you for your support!

Plan of Action

My plan is to raise enough money to buy new equipment such as mats, heavy bags and safety gear. I don't necessarily need to rent a building quite yet. I have a good sized garage and plenty of room. At least to start with. In the future, I would like to eventually expand but as of right now, I am still a kid myself and need to get done with high school before I do so. Because I attend online school, I will be able to put much more time into this that I would be able to if I were going to a public school. I have to put at least five hours a day into school and I choose the hours. Therefore, I will be able to be committed to this as well. These kids, my generation is the future of America and by providing them with healthy alternatives to drugs, alcohol and fighting on the streets, I believe we can make the future America a great place.

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