Fighting Temptation

The Problem

So many kids start eating the wrong foods at a very young age. Many parents find it is much easier to run through a drive threw such as Mcdonalds or Burger King then making lunch or putting together snacks. These types of eating habits are horrible. Later on in life the person may be sick of there horrible eating habits. Many teens today struggle with there body image and fight to be "Perfect." The media tells us we should look like Camron Diaz when we run on the beach. The boys should have a body like Brad Pitt. This is horrible. Many teens are not strong enough for the struggle and develope eating disorders. Lets prevent eating disorders now by saying parents teach your kids to eat right and Teens it feels good to eat right and excercize. its not all about looking like Cameron Diaz or Bradd Pitt but feeling beautfiul inside and out.

Plan of Action

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