Firehall Spruce up

The Problem

Our volunteer fire department spends countless hours keeping us safe. The droughts of the previous summer meant that men were leaving their jobs so they could fight blazes that were fueled by dry grass and high winds. Some of the praire fires burned for more than a day, and neighboring fire departments were called in to assist. Although the firehall is only seven years old, the firehall meeting room is in dire need of repainting. I plan to repaint the interior of the firehall, stencil the Eureka Fire department logo on a wall, build shelves on which to hold awards, and organize their meeting rooms. The bathrooms will also be repainted and towel holders and toilet paper holders will be added along with storage units for paper and toiletry products. Finally, in order to honor all of the efforts of our volunteer fire fighters, I plan on raising funds to purchase a statue of a fireman. This statue will be placed in front of the fire hall and will be lighted at night. Our small community has been working on a beautification program for a few years and has been working hard to remove old, damaged homes and spruce up parts of the community. My girl scout troop has picked several volunteer organizations to make improvements to their meeting sites and further the beautificication process. My project, the firehall, will provide a pleasant meeting site for the firemen and honor their efforts. By making our community more attractive, we hope to encourage people to move here and thereby keep our town growing and vital. This beautification project is a vital step in that direction.

Plan of Action

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