Focus the Nation Symposium

Official Project

The Problem

I am a 15 years old and a sophomore at Glen Lake Schools. I am very concerned about climate change and wanted to do something about stopping it. I found out about the Focus the Nation movement that is planning a nation-wide teach in across the nation on January 31st,2008 and I have worked hard to get approval for my school to host a Symposium for our community and school. I had to get approval from my principal, super intendent, teacher and school board and I have had to put together a whole team of students to help me organize the event.We plan on inviting local and state government officials and business leaders to attend as well as the greater community. Other schools are invited and working with us too. The organizers of Focus the Nation had a goal of trying to get over 1000 schools, colleges, communities, faith organizations and interested people to host an event. We are already over the 1000 number and will be the biggest "teach in" ever in our country's history.We will have booths of people and businesses explaining carbon saving ideas and host speakers and hopefully have a round table discussion with government officials and business people to come up with legislation and ideas to help lower our carbon emissions to the 2% that we need to, to slow global warming asap.

Plan of Action

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