Focus On Children

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The Problem

Two friends and I was researching the education problems in Texas and we ran past the Texas Legislature saying the children that the 4 and 5 years old now will need to know their career pathways by the time they're in the seventh grade " I know Crazy I'm A senior and I'm kind of sure what i want to be but not too sure that's what college is for". So to help our community out we decided to teach the kids at the day cares in the area. We selected 15 different careers to teach the kids and came up with 6 theme days to teach them in a six week course.For the policeman , fireman and postal workers our theme was "In MY Neighborhood", and since we couldn't fit of the community helper in one day we made a day two which included teachers, construction worker and trash collectors. For vets and zookeepers our theme was "Wild Life",for the farmers who grow our food and the chefs and bakers who prepare it our theme was "Yummy In My Tummy". For the doctor,dentist and nurse our them was "Open Wide" and finally for the astronauts and pilots our theme was "Up in the Air" We had some hard times from the beginning and to the end you see it started with three of us and one of our friends past away in her home three week to finishing the project she was very instrumental in developing our project and she was a loving partner and friend we will always miss her,But we know that quiting was not her options or ours so we continued making the best project ever. Making children have a greater understanding in they're education so that every child can choose their pathway in career and in life.

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