Forming a Youth Club

The Problem

I am an emigrant from Nepal and there are hundreds of youth emigrants from Nepal who have recently moved to Columbus, Ohio. I have been living here for past 5 years and now I formed a youth club so we all can get to gather somewhere and work together to promote our culture, custom, tradition and their values and to create the supportive environment to empower our basic knowledge and community service and lots of youth are interested in recreational activities like sports tournaments, cultural programs, dance/music classes, drama classes, as well as ESL (English as Second Language) classes. Since there are some youth who need help in improving their English. So, we named our club, Thunder Dragon Youth Club which we founded in June 15th, 2013, but we don't have any place where we can meet to talk about what we can do as a group so, we meet in a park which is close to the area where lots of youth live. we also don't have any supplies, and equipment we need in order to keep on going with our club. Now, few members had stopped coming because our club don't have resources and it is not fun anymore.

Plan of Action

Our club is in need of funds so we could buy some supplies, equipment, and a place to do two meetings per month so our youth members will start coming to our club again, with their new ideas so we could accomplish lots of new things together.

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