Founder, Spread the Magic Foundation

The Problem

I am the founder of the NJ nonprofit organization, Spread the Magic Foundation. We spread magic to children with cancer in the hopes that they can find the magic in their life as I did.

Plan of Action

As a cancer patient I lived in ICU for 17 months straight. There my dad taught me magic as a way of diverting my attention from the disease. Magic became my focus in life and my reason for living. Then my dad unexpectedly collapsed and died of brain cancer. His dying wish became my living with after I underwent emergency brain surgery as a result of the 7 years of chemo and radiation. That was to be considered cured from my cancer, which I am, and continue to spread my magic across the world. I have performed numerous times by special invitation of President and Mrs. Bush at the White House. I perform at cancer hospitals and festivals for cancer fundraisers across the world. The Prime Minister elect of Aruba hires me for the ill children of his island.

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