Fox Lane Recycles

Official Project

The Problem

Fox Lane High School is required by law to recycle. It is important that the school recycles for more than just the important environmental concerns. So there's this thing called the Westchester County Source Separation Law. Basically, it mandates that everyone in the county recycles. It gives guidelines for schools: recyclables in blue bags, trash in black bags. You're probably wondering: "Why bother separate trash from recyclables if it all goes in the same dumpster?" Well, the blue bags and black bags DO go in the same dumpster. That is a part of the system: not just the custodians "messing up." All the bags go in the same dumpster, and everything in the dumpster gets taken to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). Once everything gets to the MRF, bags are sorted by color. If they're blue, they're filled with recyclables. If they're black, they're filled with trash. The bags are torn open and sorted through. If the people at the MRF find garbage in a blue bag, the entire contents of the blue bag are discarded in the waste pile. If one banana peel or applesauce container is found in the recycling bag, nothing from that bag can be recycled. This is why it's so important to only put trash in trash cans! Why is most of Fox Lane High School's waste not recycled now? Simple: our waste isn't recycled because students and staff don't recycle because they think we don't recycle because we don't recycle because they don't recycle. How's that for a brain twister? If we as students recycle, it will lead to the school recycling thoroughly.

Plan of Action

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