Framing My Life

The Problem

I aim to reverse high school drop out rates and increase college attendance for youth who are commonly overlooked and underestimated. In order to achieve the aforementioned goal, I intend to increase the academic and personal confidence of students and inspire high school students to strive for excellence academically and in all areas of life.

Plan of Action

I plan to host my organization, Colors of Love's Annual Post High School Achievement Conference, Framing My Life(FML)! FML will feature creative seminars, performances and a dynamic panel of college students, graduates and young professionals ages 25 and under from various colleges and universities throughout the nation. These awesome young adults will facilitate very informative workshops regarding: scholarships, academics, networking, admirable reputations, positive relationships and spiritual balance. This conference will directly assist potential first generation college students and all high school students with preparation for outstanding post high school achievement. Attendees will learn that working diligently is very beneficial even at a young age and become aware of the importance of civic engagement and how to balance life as a student and community servant. The most unique factor of this event is that all volunteers are 25 and under and have a close connection to high school students due to the closeness in age. At the conclusion of the FML conference, based on career goals, each high school attendee will be connected with a young professional mentor who is excelling in their field of choice.

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