Free Spay/Neuter clinic in my county.

The Problem

In my rural southern community of Duplin County jobs are scarce and people with pets usually can't afford to have them spayed and neutered or just don't want to spend the money. Even with the low-cost year round spay/neuter clinic residents are still unable to afford to have their pets spayed or neutered. The free clinics don't come around or close enough to my county for the people of the community to transport them to and from the clinic. We are very fortunate to have such amazing veterinarians in Duplin County that are willing to help with the pet over-population as much as possible. By offering a FREE spay/neuter event in my county residents would be more than willing to have their pets spayed and neutered. This would cut back on the number of unwanted pets. It would also help educate the public on why to spay/neuter.

Plan of Action

Get financial support. Winning the DoSomething award would really get this project off the ground. Find sponsors. Local organizations to sponsor this event to bring in more financial support. Set a date. Talk with the local vets and decide a day they can all come together and provide services for this event. Book the event center. Fortunately duplin county built a huge event center to hold events to support the county. Gather Volunteers. Get a group of volunteers together to make flyers, travel to communities to speak with people and spread the word. Volunteers to transport pets day of the event for people unable to do so (elderly, workers, non-drivers). Volunteers to host the event and help the vets and the residents who bring their pets to the event. Spread the word! Flyers, Newspaper, Facebook, and door to door/community visits. Host the event. Finalize everything and have the dogs and cats of Duplin county be spayed/neutered and become healthier, happier pets!

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