Friend then Coach

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The Problem

I help coach a special olympics gymnastics class every saturday, this is one of the best things i can do because I help the atheletes work on their routines while i help them make friends, I have observed that many peers call the special ed kids " retard, Moron ,and many other innappropriate names" so I have implimented a lafelong plan that consists of treat each person as if they were your closet friend or relative, and would you treat that person with the same respect as the special person., well I wouldn't. I also help with a special ed fitness program every Tuesday and Thursday this is a very significant class to me and the atheletes because the class is at my school where I have witnessed during our class many kids being bullied and being called rude names. I help settle these disputes by saying what if you had a disability, would you want to be treated that way ?

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