Friends of Kakamega

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Helping AIDS orphans in Kenya! Friends of Kakamega is a non-profit, Quaker organization that is based in Freeport, Maine. Its purpose is to support and nurture the AIDS orphanage in Kakamega, Kenya, which was started by the Quaker women there. Each year a group of 10 Americans (they are not all Quakers) travels to Kakamega to run a summer camp for the 40 children who live at the orphanage, and another 60 who come for a meal every day. This year the trip's focus is going to be helping and healing the children. The highly disputed Kenyan elections at the end of December 2007 led to severe violence between tribes/political parties. The town of Kakamega has been involved in this violence, and buildings have been burned and people have been prosecuted and killed. The orphans have been exposed to the kind of violence that children should never see. This summer our trip will try to help them cope with whatever level of trauma they have dealt with. I went on the 3 week trip in 2005, and I am going again this summer.

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