Fueling Farmers

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The Problem

Project Fueling Farmers is an effort to reduce or at least slow down the inflation of our local economy. It is our belief that by recycling used vegetable, converting it to inexpensive Bio Diesel and providing it to farmers will reducing the cost associated with fueling the American Farm. Accomplishing this will reduce the cost of their product when it goes to market. This will allow the American Farmer to work their land without being subjected to the highly volatile oil industry. We want to improve the economy, not contribute to its inflation. It is also our goal to mainstream renewable energies; it makes good business sense and is good for our environment. We live in a great nation, a nation we believe that has the ability to sustain itself. We are a country of people that have the strength and ingenuity to overcome the obstacles that challenge us. We want to reduce our nations dependence on fossil fuels; foreign or otherwise. It is our mission to do this while creating an environment where the priority is to foster the people and relationships that make it.

Plan of Action

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