Fun Alternatives to Drinking

Official Project

The Problem

Living in a small town in Iowa, there are relatively limited activities for teenagers to participate in. As a result of this, the majority of our classmates have turned to drinking. By refraining from going to parties where alcohol is involved, we have found ourselves excluded from the fun that are classmates seem to be having. So, this summer we decided to organize a group that provided other activities rather than drinking. We formed the group known as FAD, Fun Alternatives to Drinking. During the summer we held events that required no funding, such as a camp fire and movie nights. We have been writing letters to businesses in our county to request funding for our alternative activities. We have been very privileged to receive $300 from community members as well as a temporary place for our group to get together. We have bought T-shirts so that our group is distinguishable to the community. We were also able to promote a week of caring, in which we distributed fliers to encourage citizens to donate cans of food and purchase a bouquet of flowers. The money went towards world hunger. Now that our group is established we are beginning to gain members. However, at this point we are at a stand still, because we need a greater budget so that we can do more than watch movies every weekend. Proposed activities include bowling, skiing, ice skating, a night at a local YMCA, etc.

Plan of Action

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